Discover the Office Trends of 2020

Introducing the office design trends that will optimize the way we work, think, and operate within the workplace environment in 2020 and beyond.

Office design has never played a more integral role in the success of a business than it does today. New technologies and innovative ideas produce new trends, pushing workplace design into fresh and exciting territories that benefit us all. In this report, Ambius elite designers identify eight key macro and micro trends that are driving the future of workplace designs.

Learn how the latest design trends will maximize the potential of your workplace in 2020. Download the trends today.


Design Trends Report

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Inside the Office Design Trends of 2020 Report you will find in-depth analysis provided by the foremost experts in interior landscape design. As we plan for 2020 and beyond, these are the trends that stand to make the most immediate and significant impacts on the future of our workspaces. Enjoy.

  • The most current macro and micro workplace design trends for 2020 and beyond.
  • Design analysis from Ambius’ award-winning design experts.
  • Tips to help you identify the right design strategy for your business.
  • Key inspirations and features that define each trend and how they enhance the occupant experience.